Thursday, August 26, 2010

High School

Well summer is over and now I am a big girl... in high school!!!! Although constantly being teased about being a freshman, having friends change completely when they're around other people, having to quit band, and the huge seniors, everything is going just great! I really do like Seminary though. Seminary and English are my two favorite subjects right now. My seminary teacher is Bro. Pearce, who also is in my ward (which is totally sweet!). Although I am spoiled and have release time for seminary, I still have to have all of my classes passed with 0 no grades so that I'll have enough credits to graduate! :) I kind of feel weird among the crowd, especially since I'm not 16 and I have to wait 1 1/2 more years to date. It's very odd to see people ask other people out, then know that I won't be able to join in. But hey, if the prophet says I can't do it, then I'll trust him. I haven't made any really new "friends" yet, but it is only the 4th day of school. I'll be better on blogging, I promise!! (and that is the truth :) ).