Friday, December 3, 2010

Thanksgiving and Christmas Time!

My goals of being a good blogger never come true, so I'll stop promising things. :)

I love this time of year. I can honestly say that Thanksgiving and Christmas are my two favorite National Holidays. I just feel so blessed this time of year. I know that most of you have known me for a long time now, and I want to thank you for putting up with me for 14 (almost 15!) years now. I'm so grateful for you and what you've done in my life and the life of my family. All I can say is Thank You, and I mean it. :)

This Thanksgiving my family and I all went up to Washington to visit my mom's parents. There was so much snow in Seattle that they closed the Seattle Airport and we had to sit in the SLC airport for 6 hours. It was extremely boring. If you have ever tried to sleep in one of those impossible-to-sleep-in chairs, you know what I mean. although we had tons of turbulence and slid on the runway as we landed, I survived and had a great time with my Grandma!

We were able to go to and 'old folks' home and eat Thanksgiving dinner there with my Great Grandma and some of her friends. It was very neat. I really enjoyed it! We even played cards after pie. Those older folks are very sly.... They cheat! :)

Black Friday shopping was my favorite part of the whole vacation. I did try to attempt to wake up at 2:30 am but to no prevail. Sleep won that battle and we left at 5 am instead. We started with Kohls where I stood in the dressing room for about 2 hours trying on things that my Grandma and Great Aunt gave me. Currently those clothes are in a box my Grandma still needs to send to me... All in all, this vacation has been one of my favorite this year.

School is going good. I really like High School, although I feel as a Freshman we aren't given many opportunities to do anything. There are a minimum amount of classes that we can take, and we rarely are admitted into extra curricular activities. It is kind of a bummer, but I'll be more excited for next year!

I do regret not trying out for the soccer team this year. I believe it was fear. Fear that I wasn't good enough. Fear that I wasn't skinny enough. I just have fear, and I'm not over that fear yet. I finished my last year with Provo Rec. with my team being undefeated League Champions! 8-0-2 (wins-loses-ties). It was a great year and I hope I'll be able to play soccer with all those girls again!!

In the end, I'm very grateful for all I have, especially you. Thank you for everything. :)


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Holly said...

Trying to sleep in airports is just no good. I feel your pain. And I'm so glad you had a nice Thanksgiving. :)