Thursday, November 12, 2009

No School Today...

So there was no school today. I really didn't want to stay home alone, so I went to the mall with Sandra. We got stopped by the same type of booths and they tried to sell us $60 nail things. It was so annoying! The first lady that stopped us started to buff Sandra's nails. After she was done she said, "So did you like that or love that?" Sandra said she liked it, and then the lady asked, "So how will you pay?" We were so confused, and then she asked us how we would pay IF we were to buy the $60 package of stuff. We said cash and she asked us how much we had with us. Sandra said $2 and I said the same. Then the salesperson said, "No, your lying." Totally rude! We walked for a little while longer and got stopped by another guy for the same product!! He was nicer, and he lowered the price of a smaller $30 package to $14, but was still mad when I said, "Not today". WEIRD!!!


AMBER said... you just ignore those people. like they aren't even there or don't exist. seriously. that is how everyone...EVERYONE... handles it. it's easier that way.
so, brother hathaway is on his 3rd round of interviews. if all goes well we will be moving to utah in january. tell your folks this and keep your fingers crossed and prayers up for us.

Myranda said...

i know thats what my mom said after i told her. but they totally just grabbed our hands and started doing stuff to them! it was totally lame.
that would be so cool for you guys to move back to utah! your in our prayers!