Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What are YOU thankful for?

After I watched this video, I really did start to think about all the things I'm thankful for. Even though some of the things include pie, boys, and soft pillows, I am still thankful for SO many things. I'm especially thankful for the gosple and the affect it's had on my life. I have no clue where I would be without it.

I'm grateful for my parents, and all they do for me! I'm grateful that they got married in the temple, so that my family can all live together forever!

I'm grateful for Young Womens and Personal Progress. Doing Personal Progress just makes life better! I don't feel like its a chore, or some extra homework. It helps me with everyday problems and questions. I'm thankful for everyone in my ward that's in Young Womens. I love you guys!! :) You are some of the best friends I'll ever had! (That includes leaders!)

Thank you to all my friends! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU! You all have had an affect on my life, and because of that, I'm a better person today than I was yesterday.

I love you ALL and have a Happy Thanksgiving! :)


AMBER said...

so Victoria has been begging and begging and begging to come see you. We are gonna do this soon or else she's gonna burst. she wants to stay at your house for " alot of days". miss ya and hope all is well.

Myranda said...

Indeed, we need to get together SOON! We were in Boise over Martin Luther King Day, but now we're free for visitors!!